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Y2K’s inspiration in the world of fashion

Y2K's inspiration in the world of fashion
Y2K's inspiration in the world of fashion

Y2K’s inspiration in the world of fashion

Since the circulation of social media, many people have stopped by to play and use social media more often. You can find many things on social media, from funny news to viral news. One of the media that is often searched for and used by many people is TikTok. Did you know that Y2K’s inspiration in the world of fashion is great?

Almost everyone is looking for ideas and new models by looking at TikTok. Y2K used to be very popular. Even though the era has changed, Y2K still provides various types of new and trendy clothing models. Not only new clothes, there are several new accessories that you can also have.

There are many types of fashion models that you can follow and have, such as:

Crop and baggy

One type of trend that you can choose is to look prettier and make your video content more liked and popular. You can choose neutral colors to combine the clothes or pants. Don’t forget to combine it with some simple jewelry that will make you beautiful. Correosguate


A fashion that can make you look more classy. Using a clothing model that has a layering shirt with a shirt that is shaped like a tank top will give a beautiful impression. Combined with jeans, it will give the impression of being in the era of the two thousand years.


For those of you who want to look feminine, you can imitate coquettish and sweet fashion styles. An inspiration that without you knowing can make you look cool. You can use a crop top and add a knee-length mini-skirt. It will give a sweet impression. Don’t forget to also prepare shoes that use high heels and stockings to give a high impression. so that it doesn’t look open, you can add a neck scarf to make it cuter.

For those of you who don’t like to be complicated, you can use a dress-style model that was in the era of the two thousandths. You can use a hanging dress that has no sleeves in combination with a long scarf a decoration to cover an open back or just as a decoration. Apart from that, to make it look simple but bold, you can use shoes with bold colors.