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Indonesian famous brand

Indonesian famous brand
Indonesian famous brand

Indonesian famous brand

Some brands have succeeded in making many people mistaken. No one would have thought that there are several Indonesian products that have successfully competed with foreign brands. There are lots of Indonesian products that have succeeded in making many local products that are known to all foreign countries.

Indonesian famous brand

Surely you are curious and want to know right? Which product and what brand already has a name? When you hear his name, you won’t believe it. Products that are able to compete healthily, namely:


One of the brands that many people think is a foreign brand actually belongs to Indonesia. Managed to provide several types of fashion that are always on trend and popular in many circles. The beginning establishment of Eiger was located in Bandung in thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine. It became known and officially made in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four. Over time, Eiger managed to open several branches overseas. Correosguate

The executive

An Indonesian brand that has succeeded in bringing its name to foreign countries. Almost all the products provided can be found in various countries. It’s really cool and great about the development of Indonesia.

Cotton ink

One of the brands that come with a cool t-shirt concept. To have this T-shirt, you don’t need to bother anymore. Because there are already several countries that have opened subsidiary branches of cotton ink. This brand has even received an award regarding fashion week in Jakarta.

Want to look classic but cool, then you can start getting to know Matoa. One of the watch products managed to show its teeth to the outside world. This beautiful accessory made of wood manages to give a cool concept. Shows how rich Indonesia is and the beauty of Indonesian wood.

A brand that turns out to have a lot of famous clothing brand names. Not only one brand was made, but there are several brands that are still liked by many people.