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Types of fashion terms

Types of fashion terms
Types of fashion terms

Types of fashion terms

The type of word term fashion is a word that is a trend and is often carried around. Maybe for those of you who are not fashion lovers, you won’t know the name in fashion terms. Lots of popular terms in the world of fashion. Words that can make you look slang and know the world of fashion.

For those of you who don’t know the term fashion name, you can see the following:

edgy – Correosguate

One of the most fierce and macho fashion styles. Usually, people who like this style will choose an all-black clothing style, starting from the top, pants, and even the accessories are also with black elements.


Ordinary people will think that classic is an old style. But in the world of fashion, this name is different from the usual words. For the world of classic fashion, it symbolizes a luxurious style of clothing. All the clothes they use are usually brand names and expensive.


If you don’t like complicated and troublesome appearances, you can use a monochrome style. A style that only requires 2 colors. Neutral colors that you can use in monochrome fashion are black, white, or brown. fashion style


If you like the old-school style then you can follow the vintage style. Vintage is a style of clothing from the seventies and eighties. The style, although it looks old school, gives an elegant impression.


One of the terms that are now often used by many people. Of course, those of you who follow fashion trends know about retro. Old clothing styles combined with some newfangled accessories and clothing.


The actual style is not much different from the style that many people often use. Streetwear is a style for the common man. Seeing from the model is very similar to the casual style. Wear t-shirts, jeans, jackets and much more.


The language and words that people often use when buying baggy clothes. This leads to the clothes they use that are bigger than their bodies.