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Terms in the world of fashion that you should know

Terms in the world of fashion that you should know
Terms in the world of fashion that you should know

Terms in the world of fashion that you should know

There are not a few terms in the world of fashion that you should know. There are lots of people who like fashion. Both parents, young people, and teenagers can’t avoid fashion. Every appearance and style will be one of the keys that can make many people follow it.

There are lots of words that are spread in the world of fashion. For those of you who like fashion, of course, you don’t want to miss it, right? So that you don’t get called by amateurs, follow a few words that are often used by the fashion world, namely:


Correosguate – Words that might hurt listeners. Cheugy is a word that is often used in someone’s appearance. If your style is not fashionable and looks old-fashioned, then the word cheugy will appear.

Timeless fashion

One word that continues to give words of praise for people who like new styles. Having clothes that are always new and give new colors to the world of fashion will make people feel timeless in fashion. The type of clothing that continues to follow the trend.


If you get a character outfit. Then you can do cosplay moves. Cosplay is a word that is often used for someone who uses custom in a show. Character clothing that makes you look like the cartoon character you are imitating.


Is the name of a group that can not accept other people. Groups that share the same hobbies and styles. To be able to join them, you have to be able to balance all their hobbies and styles.


Words that may already be familiar to your ears. Casual is a way of dressing in a relaxed style. For casual, they often use t-shirts, jeans, flat shoes, and many more.

One of the words is taken from the French word. Chic is a fashion style that is no less dead. The way they dress is very free. However, every combination they make still makes them look beautiful.