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Look beautiful with fashion

Look beautiful with fashion
Look beautiful with fashion

Look beautiful with fashion

Looking beautiful in fashion makes you feel confident. Almost everyone who wants to look cool follows fashion styles. Both men and women want to look beautiful and cool. Have you heard big is beautiful? A word that fits women who have big or fat bodies.

No matter how their bodies actually all have different beauty. It’s just that many people think that being beautiful must be slim and sexy. Fat women do not appeal to many men. A word that without you knowing has succeeded in making fat women so insecure.

Choose a style

They do everything they can to look slim and beautiful in front of the people they like. Correosguate  Beautiful with a slim body is the dream of many women. But there are also those who cannot shrink their bodies due to health problems. No need to worry for those of you who have a big or fat body.

Because there are already several fashion styles that can make you look slimmer. The following types of fashion are suitable for fat bodies, namely:

Choose a color

For those of you who are overweight, you should avoid bright colors. Many people don’t know that bright colors can make the light seep in and reveal the shape of the body so it looks big. To make it look small, you can use dark colors. Colors that make you look skinny.


In addition to choosing colors, you can also combine motifs on clothes. Not all clothes that you have must be dark. You can start choosing clothing motifs that are not big. Choose small motifs or small vertical stripes to make the body look smaller.


Choose the type of clothing that has a V neckline. Neckline can also affect the appearance and shape of the body. If the body shape is small, you can choose the type of round neck. As for the v-neckline, it can give the impression of a fit body and not widen.

Loose clothes

Even though you are big, that doesn’t mean you can wear baggy clothes. Loose clothes can make you look bigger. So choose clothes that fit your body a bit so you don’t look big. In contrast to those who are small in stature, they can wear loose clothing to make them look fuller.