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How to determine the right fashion

How to determine the right fashion
How to determine the right fashion

How to determine the right fashion

fashion is the mainstay for everyone. People who put good fashion on their bodies are people who are good at taking care of themselves. People who are smart in choosing clothes, of course, need skill. Because imagination with colors and shapes of clothes is certainly not easy. But for those of you who are still confused about what fashion to wear, you can follow this method

1. Source of Inspiration
Diligent diligently read magazines about fashion or see the world of modeling. Often read and see the form of fashion you can imagine if you use it. Or you can combine colors and fashion shapes from existing magazines. Correosguate


After you see the fashion book you can choose which clothes fit on body. In addition to choosing the shape of your clothes, you can later find your identity. Don’t look too much at how other people dress but see whether it fits your body. Don’t just choose the right clothes, but you can choose the right color for everything. Because choosing the right color will make it easier for you to mix and match.

Choose the right accessories for you. If you wear clothes make sure you choose the right accessories. There are many accessories that you can mix with clothes such as necklaces, bags, glasses, or bracelets. So don’t ever depend on clothes alone because without accessories, of course, clothes won’t be a helper.

Apart from clothes, make sure you choose the right footwear. You have to choose what footwear is right. Is it shoes, high heels, or just flip-flops? Because without proper footwear, the clothes you use will be useless.

5. Modification
If all the clothes you see don’t really like the pattern or shape. Maybe you can modify the shape of the usual clothes to be better. Modification of clothes, of course, you have to sew yourself to make them more suitable.