The difference between Paris Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Show

The difference between Paris fashion week and Paris fashion shows

correosguate The difference between Paris Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Show

The difference between Paris Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Show can be seen in the events they hold. Before seeing the difference, of course, you have to know what it means first. Knowing the meaning and purpose, that’s where the difference will be seen.


Events that you can only visit in the city of Paris. Twice a year. Usually held in summer and winter. To know the fashion week date, you have to wait for a decision from the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la mode. During the welcoming ceremony, only half of the collections from Haute Couture Mode appeared.

As time goes by, fashion week has become the event most designers will look forward to. Fashion week does not hold events in one place. Many places have also held fashion week events. For fashion lovers who want to know the Paris Fashion Week schedule, you can see it on the website.

Parisian fashion shows

Paris fashion shows are very different from Paris fashion weeks. An event that will be formed in collaboration with GEKRAFS [National creative economy movement]. With this collaboration, they formed an agency from the fashion division. Of course, many people think that there is actually more than one person holding a fashion show.

Want to know more about the Paris Fashion Show, you can open it through the website. An event that began in the year two thousand and fifteen. A fashion show that combines several different elements. Starting from those who open a business, who understand the world of fashion, to those who are experienced in the world of fashion.

At the fashion show, there will be many types of fashion clothes that you can have. Not just showing the collection. But attract new customers. Introducing a new collection to the world.