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Confident in winter

Confident in winter
Confident in winter

Confident in winter

Being confident in winter makes some people confident about their appearance. Many think that winter is just an ordinary season. No need to dress fashionably, no one will see because it is covered by a thick coat or jacket. Of course, you need to realize that actually winter also provides several types of fashion that are no less cool than other seasons.

Almost everyone who works in fashion is always turning their heads for new ideas and new styles. Sometimes a fashionista also has to bring out the latest work in each season. Winter gives a cool and fresh atmosphere. Where everything is white covered by thick flying snow.

Looking for new models

To get rid of the cold, of course, you need warm clothes to warm your body. Many think that warm clothes are just that – that’s all the style. But who would have thought that warm clothes can also be turned into fashion models? Several people have tried it and succeeded in presenting a new model of how to dress the coat. Correosguate

Surely you are curious and want to know what kind it is. Here are some types of winter clothing, namely:

For you women who wear hijab, you can try wearing warm clothes with beautiful models. Simply use a black barrel hat combined with a Pashmina hijab and a dress that has a dark color with a mini size. This look will make you look fashionable and beautiful

Or you can also combine it with bright colors in your fashion. gives a fresh and bright impression when you see it. You can wear a hijab in combination with a beautiful beanie hat, plus clothes that have bright pastel colors. Looks more lively and energetic.

You can also imitate winter style by wearing casual clothes. All you have to do is prepare sweaters, and culottes, along with a few other accessories that will make you look freer and more relaxed. Dressing like this will make people think that you are fierce even though you are not hehe.

Want to be even cooler, you can also use warm clothes that are big size. Only clothes that are bigger will make you warmer and not feel cold anymore. especially if you choose a color that matches the dark color and combines it with jeans to make it look more casual.